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  1. As U.S. annual conference season gets underway, the regional church bodies are dealing with decisions by The United Methodist Church’s top court about disaffiliations.
  2. United Methodists are praying for devastated families and a traumatized community after the murder of 19 children and two teachers. The Council of Bishops president is urging laity and clergy to “go on the offense” to stop mass shootings.
  3. Even when the pandemic ends, its consequences will continue for decades, especially among the most vulnerable children.
  4. Partners UMC Ministries and Harper Hill Global raised more than $13,000 to assist projects in the Uganda-South Sudan Conference.
  5. Despite being denied an education as a girl, she went on to become a nurse and leader in The United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe in her role as an African bishop’s spouse.
  6. The Rev. Marita Y. Harrell, a United Methodist pastor in Atlanta, was stabbed to death earlier this week, and police have arrested a suspect and obtained warrants for murder and arson.
  7. The United Methodist Church’s top court ruled that the Council of Bishops has the authority to call jurisdictional conferences to elect and assign new U.S. episcopal leaders but not to change the date when those new bishops take office.
  8. Kit Evans-Ford, one of the Wesleyan Investive Tom Locke Award winners for 2022, started an organization to employ female survivors of sexual violence.
  9. The recent move by United Methodists in Bulgaria and Romania to leave the denomination is the latest in a history of separations within the Methodist tradition.
  10. A native of Puerto Rico, the Rev. Giovanni Arroyo knows firsthand what it’s like to be a minority in America, and that experience informs the way he pursues his mission as The United Methodist Church’s point person on inclusion.
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